A Girl and Her Rubber Dog – Story Time

A_Girl_and_Her_Dog_by_1Dyslexia1Monica was thrilled, Laura wanted her… as her pet! Monica’s dreams had come true, she was a born bondage enthusiast and had long dreamed of being a pet kitty girl. “Thank You! This is so wonderful! Monica exclaimed as she eagerly donned the full body rubber suit with Laura helping her once her hands became useless paws.  Laura shook her head. “You do realize your going to be trapped in those paws for the rest of your life?” Monica didn’t take her seriously, the scare was part of the fun. When Laura locked leather wrist and ankle shackles on her, chaining her down on all fours like an animal, Monica was in submissive bliss.

Laura held up a full head rubber discipline helmet designed around a gas mask, the ears and muzzle were clearly more canine in appearance then feline. Puzzled, Monica thought she was to be a kitty?  “A dog? I’m going to be a dog? ” Laura smiled and held open the helmet for Monica inspection. “I prefer dogs, easier to train and a lot more fun to torment.”  (Foolish Girl -You’re still not listening!)

tumblr_n6z0ezV3b71srvp53o1_1280Wow! Laura is really going all out to frighten me, thought Monica. OK! I’m a Puppy Girl “Arf, Arf” she playfully barked and pushed her face into the mask, eagerly sucking the built in gag into her mouth. The dog head fit tight against Monica’s face, the long thin muzzle blocking her cross vision thru the glass eyes. Laura pulled the helmet tighter then Monica thought possible, covered the laces with a protective flap and secured it in place with a leather dog collar. As Monica blissfully moaned into her gag, Laura stood back admiring her creation, a beautiful sleek rubber Whippet.  (This went a lot easier then I had ever imagined.)

Monica happily crawled around the room acting like a playful puppy until the breathing tubes started to hurt and her head began to itch. Her chained paws couldn’t reach her dog head so she tried to readjust it her by pushing her muzzle against a wall. Heating up and needing to breathe fresh air, she tried to get Laura’s attention, but her thoroughly gagged mouth wasn’t capable of anything louder then humming.

tumblr_n5m3gkTS8t1tyzd93o1_500Hours later to Monica’s relief Laura sat down next to her. “Let me fix your head.”  Laura removed Monica’s leather dog collar and inserted a small thin screwdriver into the muzzle. “I have another gift for you Dog Girl, isn’t it beautiful?” The dog girl found herself looking thru the glass eyes of her dog helmet at a steel collar connected to a chain. The loud yelp followed by a series of sharp barks that came out of her muzzle were as much of a shock to her as the sight of the new collar. She wanted out of the dog head, not locked into it!  The dog girl whined as the snug collar closed with a loud click. She soon learned that every movement she made… caused the rattle of the chain against her collar… to reverberate throughout her dog head as though it was laughing at her.

Laura cradled her captives muzzle in her hands and stared into the dog girls panic stricken eyes. “Did you really think I just happened to have this stuff lying around? Left over from a Halloween Party? That I was joking about keeping you as my pet ….permanently? Giving you an erotic scare?  Think again, you’re not the only silly girl to find herself in life long dog bondage.” Laura kissed the dog girls muzzle, scratching gently behind her rubber ears. “Thank you, for being my dog. I promise to take good care of you, and keep you safely secured at all times, just as you wanted. Your dog helmet is designed for years of enforced wearing; your gag has a feeder tube so there’s no need to ever remove it, isn’t that wonderful?”  The hopelessness of her situation beginning to sink in, the dog girl was emotionally dead, her love of bondage had abandoned her, never had she feel so lost.tumblr_lxatexJSaf1qi87ato1_500

Laura held a heavy leather belt up to her pet’s face. “It’s time for Training Session #1. This is the only dog toy you’re getting and I will use it on you as often as needed, there will be no more of that silly kitty girl/puppy girl nonsense! I have other plans for you.”

Whimpering in fear, Dog Girl panicked at the sight of the belt. She started to pull away only to have Laura give her chain a hard jerk. The pain of the collar constricting around her throat was more then matched by the belt slamming into her slender body. Dog Girl tried to remain silent but soon found her self frantically yelping for Laura to stop. The lesson now finished, Laura grabbed Dog Girls leash and headed for the cellar door.

Dog Girl started to protest, only now the barks coming from her dog mask were real, and grew louder as Laura dragged her by her leash down into the basement. A long sliding chain was suspended from a pipe overhead, long enough to give the unfortunate wearer access to every part of the room other then the door leading to the stairs. With a loud click Laura attached the dog girl’s collar to it.  “Now that you’re safely a part of  this room, it’s time to finish your bondage.” Dog Girl barked in disbelief…finish my bondage!

One at a time, Laura replaced the dog girl’s leather restraints with steel ones.
Her shackled front paws, still fastened together, but no longer chained to her feet were more useful now. But her ankles were now fixed firmly to her thigh bands and waist belt. She couldn’t straighten out and would have to crawl on her knee caps. When Laura helped her pet sit up on her rear legs, dog girl thought it wise to bring her chained front paws up to her chest and assume a begging position.

nerw_tumblr_picDog girl now had a clearer view of the large room she was in. To her dismay Laura’s basement was laid out like an obstacle course complete with jumps, tunnels and climbing ladders, all built to scale for a girl chained down on all fours to navigate. Laura crouched down next to her shaking pet and began to apply rubber polish to her black latex skin with long soothing strokes. “There’s this Greyhound Girl…. and she’s fast! But I’m betting big money that my shiny black Whippet can run a maze faster then any Greyhound Girl. That’s enough for today; your training resumes in the morning, so I suggest a good nights rest.”

Dog Girl soon found herself chained to the wall behind the bars of a kennel. Now that she was alone in the dark, her dog helmet began to torment her with a vengeance. The sound of her leash rattling against her collar only added to her misery as she struggled in vain to remove the dog helmet, or just loosen it a tiny bit. It didn’t budge.

by Mars-The-Horse

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