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Beyond The Softness Of His Fur

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It is difficult to find erotica that simultaneously stimulates the mind and the libido. TammyJo Eckhart’s new book “BeyondThe Softness Of His Fur” succeeds in doing both.

“Beyond The Softness Of His Fur”  is an erotic femdom fantasy about “legalized erotic anthropomorphism”.   The protagonist Emily Potter contracts The Institute Of Sensual Morphology to build her a custom designed “fox morph” to play with. “I’ve been so involved in my career these past five years I haven’t had much time for a lover or a pet, let alone for both”, Emily confesses. Emily is a VP at an advertising agency and is required to purchase a morph as a condition of her promotion. The reasons for this are somewhat mysterious but there are rumors of executives having secret morph parties. “We all have them”, Emily is told by upper management.

A morph is a genetically engineered, half human half animal being that exists purely to provide pleasure to it’s owner. Emily chooses a fox morph because they are known to be extremely sensitive and highly sexually charged. Like most dominants Emily greatly enjoys eliciting responses from her playmates.

The story is told in the first person and the point of view alternates between characters, from Emily to Wynn, her adoring “foxboy”.   Emily shares many characteristics  with the author including a dominant woman and an enthusiastic life style player.

It is not surprising therefore that Emily’s character is so believable. What is surprising is the degree to which TammyJo also brings Wynn’s character to life. Not only is she able to convincingly inhabit the mind and heart of an anthropomorph, she gives the reader a window into the depths of the submissive soul.

Unlike most erotica where steamy scenes are strung together by a thin veneer of plot, “Beyond The Softness Of His Fur” tells an intriguing story that keeps the reader engaged.   Wynn must navigate many daunting challenges when he leaves The Institute of Sensual Morphology, not least of which is becoming acquainted with the world outside. He is a wide eyed innocent who must take a crash course in how the world works and learn his place in it. I don’t want to give away any salient details of the plot but some truly terrifying experiences await him.  Wynn is terribly unsure of himself and lives in constant fear that his beloved Master will return him to ISM where he will be condemned to “the big sleep”. His character is quintessentially submissive. I found myself identifying with him a lot.

In the “Afterthoughts” section of the book TammyJo reveals that Wynn’s character is based on her real life submissive partner who she affectionately refers to as “Fox”. Their relationship is also chronicled in“At Her Feet-Powering Your Femdom Relationship”,  another book by TammyJo which was reviewed on this blog.

“This story grew out of a role-playing scenario I did with my partner who identifies as a furry.Through a decade together, this fox has supported me through everything in our life.When I had the opportunity to get this story published, I thought it might be a good way to say “thank you” to him for all his service, love, and devotion, along with his willingness to give me creative feedback and a good website.

I can’t claim to be a furry myself, but I do hope I have done the community some service by exploring how some of their dreams might play out in an imagined future….I will be continuing the story of Emily and Wynn.The next installments will take a deeper look into the society that has created beings like Wynn and holds them in captivity, as well as explore how a romance might work between an owner and her pet.”

Despite the book’s science fiction/fantasy backdrop the characters in “Beyond The Softness Of His Fur” ring true and the chemistry between them is electric. TammyJo slowly turns up the heat as Emily introduces Wynn to the fine art of pleasuring (and suffering for) his Mistress.
Reading “Beyond The Softness Of His Fur” put me in a deliciously subbie state of mind. I wanted nothing more than to serve Her Majesty to the best of my ability and curl up like a pet at her feet. After all, a submissive is a bit like a treasured household pet and many subs enjoy acting out anthropomorphic fantasies with their dominants.

“Beyond The Softness Of His Fur”  is highly recommended  reading for D/s couples to enjoy together, preferably cuddled up in front of a roaring fire or a flickering IPad. I am very much looking forward to reading the second installment.

I can’t help thinking how season appropriate my recent posts about anthropomorphism and vampires have been lately . In that spirit I would like to wish all of my friends and readers a very happy Halloween!!  🙂


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