Puppy Play Story Time by SuzieSucks

Pet Play

by  SuzieSucks – https://fetlife.com/users/3543801


We first got a taste of pet play at a local club. A dominant couple were there with a pup 1073728649slave. Encased in a latex dog suit he bounded around and generally acted like a faithful puppy. My Mistress was smitten and details were exchanged.

It was a couple of months later before anything else happened. My Mistress was going to visit some friends for a big birthday night out. I thought that I’d be spending it alone, however on the Friday I was told that I’d be going away for the weekend too. I spent theFriday afternoon getting dolled up and picking out my clothes. Still with no idea where I was going we got in the car and set off on the long drive. It took about 2hours to get there, but we arrived without incident. As the door opened I remembered the couple from the club and realised I was in for a different experience.

Once inside introductions were made and I was told the plan. My Mistress was to leave me at the house that night, and collect me the next day. I was to treat my hosts as I’d treat my Mistress and obey them fully. I got to meet their two pets – Bruno and Scamp. Scamp looked a lot like myself in body shape, quite thin and tall. Bruno was definitely the ‘alpha dog’, very big and muscular. Both were in dog suits, their arms and legs folded back on them selves – their entire bodies clad in latex with the exception of a dog shaped hood and their exposed cocks. Both had large cocks, Scamp had a longer cock but Bruno’s was impressively thick. Both were very erect and as they shuffled around the room their cocks bobbed and swayed in time to their tails. They explained that pups weren’t kept in chastity and that it was natural for pups to hump away at things, motioning to Scamps cage, his sleep mat clearly splattered with several loads of semen.

tumblr_mgsi2mVGUl1qaawkko1_400Pleasantries exchanged my Mistress departed leaving me a bit shocked and confused about what was happening. Luckily the Master and Mistress of the house knew exactly what was happening and led me inside to get started.

The first thing to do was get me dressed. I was stripped naked and presented with a latex dog suit. It was extremely difficult to put on. As it was their spare suit it was far cheaper and had less zips so fitting into it was hard. A mixture of pushing and pulling and copious amounts of talcum powder and it was finally on. I felt quite exhausted and very hot. Therubber suit meant I was boiling, as I couldn’t sweat my heat away I was left panting like a dog. Once I was securely fastened in they removed my chastity belt. Immediately my cock sprang to life, weeks of chastity engorging it obscenely. Chuckling at my erection they unzipped the rear of the suit exposing my bottom. It was then that I saw the ‘tail’ I’d be wearing. Thick black rubber, the very large insertable part looked like an egg. This unusually shape meant that it would wag from side to side as I walked. I began to start begging and pleading with them, there was no way I wanted this inside me.
The master grabbed my head and pushed a bit gag into my mouth before securing the straps around me. It had a cute little bone for the bit and although it didn’t silence me, it made me unintelligible. I was told that I could only make dog noises, grunts, tumblr_m4l5rfsiDS1rw21lso1_500whimpers, barks, etc. Unlike the other pup I didn’t have a hood to wear, and I was grateful for it – the heat was already quite unbearable.
My pleading now a quieter mumble, the tail was slathered in lube and then pushed mercilessly in to me. I groaned helplessly in to my gag, my eyes wide and desperate as the large egg shape slid up my tight arse, stretching me out.

Over the next couple of hours I was shown where the food and water would be, where to go in the garden to use the toilet, as well as how to signal I needed my plug removing to use the toilet. I was something I’d not considered and I wasn’t that thrilled at the idea to be honest. After that I rejoined the other pups in the front room. Each pup set about licking one of their Mistress’s feet. I was tugged over to the Master of the house and lay at his feet.

Soon enough it was bedtime and Scamp was led to his cage. It wasn’t much bigger than him but he squeezed himself and curled up to get more comfortable. Both cages were watched over by a baby monitor so the Master and Mistress could see what we were up to. Bruno’s cage (the bigger of the two) was opened and I was led to it. Squeezing myself inside, my collar and arms were fastened to restraints in the cage. It wasn’t very comfortable and I could hardly move at all. Bruno was then led into the cage and pressed up against me. With only two cages we’d somehow be sharing! I could feel his thick cock bumping against my behind, then he slid it between my legs – clearly he intended to use my soft latex clad thighs to get himself off nikkikadeinescapablebondage3tonight. I was far too hot and doubted I’d be able to sleep in this position. Even if I could get comfortable I’d have a horny slave humping between my legs are enjoying himself all night – things couldn’t have been much worse!

The Master reached in and with a sudden and surprising movement, pulled out my plug, a gooey trail of lube leaking out of me. “It’s been in all day we’ll give you a rest from it tonight” he said and with that they wished us good night and started up to bed. I was surprised at this unexpected kindness, maybe tonight wasn’t going to be all that bad after all.

Bruno pulled his erect cock back and moved it up between my cheeks nudging at my arsehole. I started to groan and plead into my gag desperately, either he couldn’t understand or didn’t care as my desperate moans were met with a low growl. I tried to move away but there was no space as he began to push against me. Slowly, but with a grim certainty, his thick shaft slid into me. I groaned as he began to move back and forth, knocking the cage with every thrust. I was so desperate my poor cock was rock hard and1451023906 dripping constantly. Instead of feeling angry or upset I just felt incredibly jealous. There was nothing I could reach to rub my cock against and I just leaked and dripped as I rocked back and forth.I looked across to Scamp in his cage. Unrestrained, he was rhythmically humping his sleep mat, a soft groaning and grunting coming from his cage. Within a few minutes he climaxed with a grunt and slumped down in his cage, spent. Our cage rocked as Bruno approached climax, his grunts grew loader in my ear as he reached his orgasm. Squirt after squirt of warm seed pumped up my arse and he slumped against me when it was over. Try as I might I just couldn’t get comfortable and I shuffled listlessly. If didn’t take long before I felt Bruno’s growing excitement once again. While the first time was quick and brutal the second time was a more sedate affair. His earlier frustrations gone, he took his time obviously enjoying himself a lot. After what seemed like an age, he climaxed inside me and spent, drifted into sleep. I on the other hand was left very erect, very frustrated and very uncomfortable.

I woke with a start as the cage was opened, I must have eventually fallen asleep although it wasn’t a comfortable sleep – my joints screamed out in agony. We each had a bowl of waterplaced in front of the cages and instructions to drink it up while they got ready for the day. I was very grateful as I was very thirsty being encased in latex. After that we were let out into the garden on leashes to use the toilet as tumblr_m7nhd8Nrkv1rbwq7xo1_1280required. As the other pups moved around the garden playing fetch with the Master, I lay at the Mistress’s feet and curl up for a nap. I was exhausted so feel asleep very easily. I only had a short nap before being required to play fetch. It was soooooooo hard! Chasing after the ball in my latex meant I got so hot and sweaty, I was shattered and my joints hurt like crazy. I was so glad when it was over and it was time for lunch.

Lunch was an unpleasant affair. Again we each had a dish, a dish full of brown meaty slop. I couldn’t eat much it was horrid, the other pups eager licked my bowl clean though. After more water we were again taken to the garden for more games. I was lead around on a leash for a bit then fed some doggie treats. I tried in vain to hump the corner of a gardenlounger, but just got a slap across my bottom and a scolding. After that an old tin bath was brought out and I climbed in. It was filled with water – cold water! – and I was sponged down. It was rather perverse, I was entirely latex clad and therefore waterproof, but here I was getting a sponge bath. The soft wet sponge rubbed across my body caressing every inch – my screaming member being the exception. I looked desperately at the Mistress and pleaded her with my eyes, but to no avail. No matter how I wiggled and tumblr_mtr52t2nVf1rhhjm8o1_500moved around, I couldn’t brush against the sponge. I became fixated on the thought of the soft soapy sponge on my cock. I don’t think anyone has ever been so turned on by the thought of an inanimate object before! All I could do was look across to the Mistress longingly, my balls aching and my cock dribbling.

After a through washing I was led inside and we spent the afternoon around the house. It wasn’t too long until my Mistress turned up to collect me. I was shattered from my time at the house and I could barely move. To be a long term pup would be so incredibly difficult I think. She inspected me and couldn’t help but laugh at how horny and erect I was. My hosts laugh and explained how I’d ‘made friends’ with Bruno and how he’d be sorry to see me go. The decided it’d be cruel for me to leave without saying goodbye and so brought Bruno over. The fussed over Bruno he wiggled his tail appreciatively as the cooed over him. My Mistress fondled his balls and asked if he had plenty of alpha dog spunk to make some puppies and Bruno barked excitedly, his cock stiff and ready.

My Mistress took my lead and lead me over to a chair where she sat down, me kneeling at her feet. Soon enough Bruno was behind me, I could feel the wet tip of his cock press against me. Each rubber mitten clad paw went up onto my shoulder and as my plug was removed I felt a dollop of lube run between my cheeks. Clearly very excited by all the attention, Bruno forced his way in and began humping me. The hosts along with my Mistress found it hilarious, my Mistress was obviously in a very good mood as she leaned forward and permitted me to hump her legs if I’d like too. Obviously I required very gromet_pet+play_petandponygirls_rubber_12littleencouragement and began furiously humping her legs. Laughing at how obedient I was, it was suggested that perhaps Scamp and Bruno should be in chastity and that they should thank me for showing how good chastity is for training. This was met by a growl from Bruno and his thrusts became more aggressive – clearly the thought of chastity wasn’t something he relished!

In front of an audience, in the situation I was in, I just couldn’t last at all and with a matter of moments I spasmed, shooting my pent up seed over my Mistresses legs. I felt drained but so thankful to have emptied my balls. Of course this only last a few seconds before I was snapped back to reality by the grunting and groaning in my ear and the stiff cock pistoning in and out of my arse. I was acutely embarrassed and blushed like crazy. Luckily for me Bruno was very horny and it wasn’t long before I felt the familiar twitching of his cock followed by the warm jets of spunk. As he finished my Mistress unbuckled my gag and demanded I clean up my mess. I dutifully did this as quickly as I could, all the while hoping it was the only spunk I’d have to clean up. When the job was done I was quickly snapped back into my chastity belt.

After that my chastity belt was refitted and I was removed from the dog suit and sent upstairs to shower and change. It was a real difficult walking and it took a while before my joints worked properly. The warm water in the shower helped and I soon felt a little more normal. I pulled on my pretty pink and purple polka dress and slipped on my wig and heels then started to do my make up in the mirror as quickly as I could. Inserting my old plug completed the outfit – my Mistress not being a fan or sissies wearing underwear – and I headed down. Still stiff from the tumblr_lsxyiaMyVU1qlljw8o1_1280bondage I teetered down the stairs to my waiting Mistress who took my hand and lead me to the door. We said our goodbyes and got into the car, while Mistress explained that I’d done well and we were going into town to celebrate. I blushed as I thought about my outfit – micro dress, 6” heels, chastity belt and butt plug – but then as I saw my long legs stretched out before me, unbound, I thought to myself, maybe being a sissy isn’t so bad after all!

Written by  SuzieSucks – https://fetlife.com/users/3543801


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