Japanese Human Animal Farm

Now i know this isnt exactly puppy play and will be one of the few times i stray just a hair away from it but honestly i just have to share this with you. I mean why can’t we have something like this in the States for all us pups and ponys and critters and foxs to spend the week away at? We would really be able to get into our inner animal without the real world constantly pulling us away from it and forcing us to act as humans at least a little bit every day. stupid real world and all the responsibilities that come with it. If we just had a getaway place we could go to maybe once a month to be us pups for at least a weekend then we would be on top of the world =D So in honor of how cool this farm would be to go to i say we buy a large piece of land in the middle of nowhere and make it the next animal farm destination…mmmm wruffff! now which of you pups are with me? 😉

Link to Original Page – http://islandofpain.com/2010/07/20/a-japanese-human-animal-farm/

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