An Outdoor Petgirl Play-Date

Movie: SM and Sex Feast
Producer: H.M.P. (2007)

We would love to sell you this incredible bondage DVD, featuring more than two hours of submissive petgirls gone wild…

We would love to do that, but this one is now out of print. Yes, it’s too late for you to pick up a copy of this incredibly kinky movie, wherein two wealthy Japanese doms treat, tie, train, and finally trade their submissive partners.

Fortunately, some of our past features are still available. So, if you’ve been sitting on the fence, don’t wait any longer.


Pups Note: If you have this movie or know of any place to buy, download or stream it please send me a note. Would so love to see this flick but i suppose just the hot puppy pics will have to do..wruff ruff!

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