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I know that when a stray pet or abandoned pet  is found, everyone wonders what happens to them next. This news report highlights the full process of these strays and shows from start to finish what happens with them. Of course the first thing is when a stray is reported. The trucks are dispatched out to find and pick up these strays. They are chained together at the wrist and placed into the back of a truck. The trucks drive straight to the Pet Girls Farm and the strays are quickly unloaded.

No one knows if these strays were taken care of, so they must go through processing. They are sprayed down to make sure no bugs are present and a full internal and external medical exam is done to make sure they are healthy. The strays only resist a little, but they do seem to understand that it is all being done for their welfare. After a thorough exam and subsequent release from quarantine, the new strays are introduced to the existing group of pets….

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