Human Pup Play Knee Protection by Gpup Alpha

Human Pup Play Knee Protection: by Gpup Alpha Sirius Pups Australia

In this video Gpup Alpha of Sirius Pup Australia talks about different style knee pads for human pup play, While soft knee pads are great for indoor play, if you are venturing outside I highly recommend considering a set of tough plastic knee pads to help prevent scrapes and bruises to your knees. When you are on all fours pressure is different so it’s vital to ensure you are getting good knee protection. For indoor I love my g form knee pads as they can be worn under shorts or jeans. Outdoors however it’s always good hard shell protection for this pup. For quality knee pads check out your local hardware or gardening store, or you can check out some different styles at amazon using the links below.

G Form Knee Pads:
Hard Shell Knee Pads:
Soft Indoor Knee Pads:

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Human Pup Play Wrist Protection : Gpup Alpha Sirius Pups Australia
In this video I discuss the importance of good quality mitts and wrist protectors to look after your hands during human pup play. 
When you are down on all fours your hands and knuckles will be in contact with the floor and this can lead to cuts, carpet burns and scrapes. 
I’ve found the MMA boxing gloves to be amazing as they offer fantastic padding and protection to the knuckles and also good wrist support with the wrap around strap on the wrist.
There are choices of whether the fingers and thumb are fully covered however it’s really up to person preference and what is most comfortable to you.
You can visit your local sports store to grab a pair otherwise you can check out the links below to some styles available on Amazon.
UFC MMA style full glove:
UFC MMA open hand mitt:

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